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Draft Program of the Youth Network Conference RETHINKING YOUTH: THE FUTURE IN OUR HANDS

Young people grow up in varied circumstances with different priorities and perspectives. While youth does not exist as a single group we need to understand what is happening in young people's lives. Rethinking Youth challenges the conventional wisdoms surrounding the position and opportunities of young people today; within this context the current activity could contribute on youth studies research. Through referring to a "Rethinking Youth" we aim to emphasize and focus on conceptions of youth, ideas and opinions of young people about programs and strategies designed for 'at risk' young people, and policy development opinions in benefit of youth affairs. There will has been set the topic of youth complexities, democracy and equality, sexual identity, safety and protection, human rights, ideologies, religion and politics from the perspective of young people in a rapidly changing world.

11 Associations have been implicated across Europe for applying the specific ambitious project that finally had a positive impact in local, regional, national and also, international level.

As a final deliverable our group of partners initiates as it has been set from the very beggining in our KoM, a dinal conference.

Our first meeting as partners was before the KoM, within the framework of an International Teachers' Conference, concerning the Innovation in School and Academic Education. Here we are, finishing with exactly the same way, by supporting our own Conference. Draft of the program is shared through jpeg images in the photo album below.

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