Trips around Alexandreia: Veroia & Edessa Cities

by Olesya Ilinskaya, Moscow, Russian Federation

EERco Volunteer, MACs AUTUMN Pr., EVS e+ | Alexandreia, GR

Cities of Veroia & Edessa (09.11.2018)

(during thr day-offs of W07)

Veria is located not so far away from Alexandria. It is just 15 minutes by train. But actually trains here are not going very often and time is not convenient. So we decided to hitchhike. Elderly couple picked us up and landed us in the center of the town. It was very funny that they knew the Erasmus programs! Veria is full of tiny ancient churches, narrow streets that goes up and down and old houses. Center of the city is more modern: fountains, large squares and lots of shops. I decided to explore the area upstairs. Veria is surrounded my mountains, so why not to hike one of them? :) On the hill I saw a church that were more looked like a Russian rather than Greek and I went up to explore. Then the wide dirt road lead me to the deep forest where you may observe the whole town in one side as well as mountains in the other. The weather was very hot and a forest was very fresh and colorful, it hided me from that strong sun. Walking along the country road to the railway station we caught the train to Edessa to look at the waterfalls before become dark. Train was late on 15 minutes but it was not that bad, the bad was that the train stopped in the middle of its way in a field for more than 40 minutes! So when we reached the destination it was getting dark, but we had a little time to watch the great waterfall. We also went into the small cave near and saw a bat! It was nice day, nice walk. nice places...

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