New Adventures & Exciting Experiences in METEORA

by Olesya Ilinskaya, Moscow, Russian Federation

EERco Volunteer, MACs AUTUMN Pr., EVS e+ | Alexandreia, GR

Meteora (20.10.2018)

(during a day-off in W04)

Caaaat, cat in the mountain, in Kalambaka. Not that funny and rhythmically as in Russian language, sorry, it was my funny song after half of a bottle of Greek wine.

During my long weekends I with my friend also visited city Kalambaka which situated at the foot of famous rocks Meteora. We started our walk from the early morning and visited village Kastraki, frightening caves and hiked that rocks on the footpaths. Amazing views, tangled paths, ancient monastery which were... full of people!!! I hate such places where you could find so many tourists that came here by bus or car. We even visited one the monastery, but it was not the atmosphere. After a tasty lunch when it became to be darker we went to other monastery closer to Kalambaka. The views were terrific: awesome sunset and nobody around you... silence and peace. I really liked that place, and my song will always remind me about that great time I had there.

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