Having a Wild Weekend in Katerini

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

by Alina Belyaeva, Kazan, Russian Federation

EERco Volunteer, MACs AUTUMN Pr., EVS e+ | Alexandreia, GR

Tour in Olympus & Katerini (6-7.10.2018)

(during the W02 days-off)

This weekend we woke up very early to go to Katerini by hitchhiking. It was very nice and hot day. So we tried to catch a car just several minutes and one car stopped to ask our destination. After the guy told that he lives very close to Alexandreia just in Niseli village, but he will drop us till Katerini. We were really lucky and he was very hospitable!

So we came to Katerini where we could meet with our friend near bus station.

After meeting we saw very beautiful center of Katerini, Municipal park. It looks very wild and even there are some animals there – that’s really unusual! And it’s just near the down town.

This day we also visited Paralleia beach. It was stormy, that’s why we couldn’t swim, but working around seaside was also nice.

Next day we, finally, decided to go to Olympus! It was really nice decision and such a nice day to do it.

We started our track near two beautiful waterfalls, where I decided to swim. Water was really cold, but it was so fresh, that I dived again and again.

So after we started tracking by climbing higher. I falt down in one place and couldn’t go farther. So should go back. It was really lucky coincidence that our friend was physiotherapist and he could make me first aid!

Despite of this situation I spent very nice time in this area and should come back again to conquer the mountain!!!


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