Marvelous Sightseeings in Volos and the mountain Pelion

by Olesya Ilinskaya, Moscow, Russian Federation

EERco Volunteer, MACs AUTUMN Pr., EVS e+ | Alexandreia, GR

Touring in Volos City, Makrinitsa & Portaria Villages (13.10.2018)

(during the day-offs of W03)

I was just searching a map and I saw a sufficiently large city near the sea named Volos. Not a big distance from the city. I noticed mountain's peaks and some villages around. I like sea, I like mountains, so...

During my long weekends I went to Volos with my friend who came to visit me. Volos is a port city, but there are also some clean beaches where you can swim. Here you may find traditional taverns. The most interesting in my opinion was <<Me Zen>>, where you can order tsipuro or ouzo (as well as wine or beer) with a fish mese (small place of a fish from a cooker). In the bus station of Volos you may catch the bus to different villages in Pelion mountain. First day we choose Partaria and Makrinitsa. These are two small villages on the top of a mountain.

Makrinitsa is also called a <<balcony of Pelion>>, because it offers views of the entire Volos and a bay. Cobbled streets, all houses that are made of special stones, old stairs leading up or down and ancient churches give that place a special atmosphere. The terrain is very calm and soothing especially in that dull morning when we were visiting it.

Portaria has Centaur trail which in Autumn time looks especially attractive: wooden bridges over the river, the golden leaves covering the paths and sun rays warming you in a cool wet day. In Partaria we also founded some paths (arrows and marks) that leads us at night through the whole village to observation place where we saw fascinating lights of the night Volos.

Next day we decided to do a footpath from village Milies to Kala Nera. We did a half of this way by old railway. Train goes there only weekends once a day, so nothing stopped us from going this way by foot on Monday. The rest half of the way we did through an olive grove. The views are amazing, I would like to spent more time there! The bus from Kala Nera went not the same way as we thought it will so we missed it and we should try hitchhiking. A kind family stopped and get us to Volos where we spent a beautiful evening.

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