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Definition of Volunteerism - EYW

Definition of a volunteer

A volunteer is a person who carries out activities benefiting society, by free will. These activities are undertaken for a non-profit cause, benefiting the personal de-velopment of the volunteer, who commits their time and energy for the general good without financial reward.

Definition ofvolunteering providers

Volunteering providers are non–profit or-ganisations and groups that are independ-ent and self- governing as well as other non–profit entities, such as public authori-ties. They are active in the public arena and their activity must be aimed, at least in part, at contributing to the public good5.

Definition of volunteering activity

Volunteering activities are undertaken by volunteers. The activity is undertaken for a non-profit cause and does not replace paid staff. The activity can be done within the framework of a volunteering provider or through a volunteer’s own initiative.

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