Trip to Melissochora

Two days ago we toured the villages around Thessaloniki. In one of the villages we made a trip, Melissochori. Eleni, Paolo, Thomai and I walked through the village, went to the main church of the village, took a few photos, lit candles, walked through the forest, drank coffee, enjoyed nature. Eleni and Paolo bought kites for the next day, about which I will write an article. My impression of the village of Melissochori, I must say that the village delighted me, a totally different appearance of the village from those in my country. A beautiful small square in the center of the village, where there is a fountain with a plaque that is a couple of thousand years old, I'm not sure, we asked the locals what is written on the plaque but they didn't know. Very nice village, people are smiling, hospitable, beautiful nature. It would be nice to come again by bike and tour the whole village.

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