Together We Live (e+ KA105) Part II

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Dimitris Spyrogiotis, Lyceum Student, Young Participant of the GR Group, TWL e+ project, Verbania, Italy

My trip to Italy

Through esai en roi and the Together We Live projekt I had the opportunity to travel abroad for first time. On this trip I met many wonderful people from many parts of Europe, and I saw Europe's culture better than ever. I saw rich areas with great and marvelous architectural works but I also saw places with wretchedness and poverty. I learned to create, to console and think differently.

I learned about love between people with different religion beliefs and background , I learned to make friends with people I didn't often understand but for my good luck I had the best guide I could have "The first few days I thought he was a little crazy but soon changed my mind for the better ». I also had the company of a crazy Greek boy Alex, who showed me with his smile the importance of laughing at every mischief and good that happens to you. I hope I will see him again soon. In this article I could not get away without mentioning my friend Niki, though strange at first she finally "tamed" us with her magical abilities "I think it would be nice ......" .

One of the most important reasons I came to Italy was my best friend Paul. I met him 5 years ago and we have shared together some of the best moments of my life. My words may not be cool sounding for him but they are true, I think he knows. I wanted to close by saying first that I could write about this trip to the wonderful Italy all day and these days that I spent with my friends weren’t just beautiful but real-alive ....

Ps . “non voglio comprare

quell’ aspira polvere”

Thank you for everything

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