Together We Live (e+ KA1 Program) - Part I

Together We Live (e+ KA1 Program) - Part I

by Saridou Nicki, Teacher of Physical Education (graduated with Honors), Coach of Sailing, x-Champion in Sailing

My team of " Esai en roi " and I participated in the program of Erasmus + which is known as " Together we live ". It was an amazing unique international youth exchange which lasted from 24th July to 2th August 2019, in Verbania, Italy. In this program, we broadened our horizons, raised our team spirit, understood the power of stereotypes and prejudices which guide our thoughts and learned how to handle them and how to avoid to put labels. Also, we met different cultures and shared our ideas, views and knowledge about the problems of social exclusion and discrimination in our country and possible solutions about social inclusion. Additionally, we participated in creative workshops which raised our imagination and creativity. Finally, we shared our knowledge and our conclusions of program with local kids using simple words via the art and games. Obviously, this program will be unforgettable for all participants! 

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