SVITAC: Our Partner in YACeco Project

by Eleni Kavazidou, Project Supervisor of YACeco

SVITAC is a NGO with a dynamic presence in Bosnia - Herzegovina and wider. EERcomt cooperates with SVITAC since 2019, trying on to collaborate for several EU projects. The first project that has been designed and applied by self-funds was the POP UP BALKANS project and it remains a project that we are planning to repeat and develop.

In 2020, because of the COVID-19 status many plans have been post-poned. Nevertheless, SVITAC has contributed to our Festival of Inlcusive Culture through sharing wishes and supporting the festival's ideological background.

Finally, SVITAC is one of our favorite partners in ESC projects! Here we are in GR, with Jelena Todic, a volunteer supported by SVITAC, to help us all along with the hard work and purposes we have set in advantage of local parks development.

Young Active Citizens support Ecological Actions, supervised and supported by EERcomt and SVITAC NGOs.

Let's see what's coming next?

What is the next challenge and upcoming surprise?

So, let's Keep on updated!

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