PUAB Project, Aspects & Opinions | Part I

PUAB Project, Aspects & Opinions | Part I

Edissa Mansaku, Youngster; Albanian Dancer (Durres, Albania); Participant in PUAB Project

It was my first time in Greece. I liked so much Thessaloniki. The White Tower was beautiful and it reminds me the Venetian Tower of Durres. We visited also the Statue of Great Alexander close to the sea. The Park gave possibilities to make different sports. We had the possibility to discuss with other partners from other Balkan countries, about our performances similarities and differences.

Thasos was very beautiful and the beach was different from the seaside that we have in Durres and even it was September looks nice.

The visit at the church of 1823 in Thassos was really impressive for me, it was in a quite village and the view from there was beautiful.

Looking forward to live this experience again...

Edissa from Albania

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