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Welcome to the second article in the series of Online experiences. Since we're pretty much fed up with the current situation in the world due to the pandemic and limitations it brings upon us, I'll try to provide you with a "travel escape" into the city of Sarajevo, my home town. In this way you will get to find out more about me, through my city. Enjoy!

I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, more specifically from the capital - Sarajevo. As described by others it is the “Europen Jerusalem”, it’s the place where east meets west, it’s the place where you can find one of the craziest blend of cultures you’ve ever seen and all of that is situated in a small country in the heart of Europe, with mere 3 millions of people. When you walk down its streets you can see many different influences both in the architecture and culture, from Austro-Hungarian to Ottoman, to socialism, it all meets in Sarajevo. These numerous empires and rulers have also brought with themselves many different religions, so in Sarajevo you can find both Muslims and Christians, Orthodox and Jews – reasoning the “European Jerusalem” nickname. Aside from its multi-culturally saturated offer, Sarajevo also offers vast amounts of picture-perfect natural spots – with focus being drawn by the skyrocketing mountains surrounding the capital. These mountains that shield Sarajevo were once the hosts of the Winter Olympic Games in 1961. In its environmental offer Sarajevo also has many waterfalls, forests, endemic species, vast biodiversity…

Since I’ve lived in Sarajevo for my whole life, I know how to best “sell” it, however I also know what its biggest flaws are. Starting from the air pollution due to the use of inefficient incineration heating systems, to the lack of bike lanes that would enable citizens and visitors to actually admire its nature, while simultaneously reducing the emissions caused by not using the car to move around the city. These are only few of the issues that we’re currently facing, however with the help of youth engagement, as well as the NGO sector more focus is being drawn on it and we hope that at least these pressing issues will be resolved quickly, so that my city can shine in its brightest light.

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