Northern Greece within the eyes of a Northern Italian!

by Lorenzo Spadazzi, Kalisthenics athlet (GI pr.)

photos edited by Alessio Scambio

My name is Lorenzo and with the VedoGiovane association I had the opportunity to visit Greece for a week.

I principally spent my time of the journey in Thessaloniki, a great city in the north of the Greece. The environment was pretty chaotic but filled with numerous and different people from multiple cultures. I really enjoyed the city. I met a lot of people who I still have contact with. And I hope to come back to greeting them.

I also visited the capital city, Athens. I was stupefied by the greatness and the lifestyle of that place. It looked like I was in a different world where I use to live. The historical museum was amazing. In the end I went to the wonderful island of thassos. I'm still in love with it. Unluckily I spent too little time on thassos. I would really loved to stay more. I felt like I was in a paradise.

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