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Nicki's comments: All the skills that I've developed will definitely be useful for me ...

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Nicki, Youth Worker from GREECE, Training Course

Erasmus+ KA153 Travel around our mind and soul= Get deeper in our emotional intelligence for creating a diverse and inclusive youth work

The Erasmus+ Training Course "Travel Around Our Mind And Soul" was an experience that gave me precious and useful lessons. At this course, I had the ability to develop my communication, team-work, collaboration, leadership and time management skills through executing the activities our trainers was giving us. All the skills that I've developed will definitely be useful for me to be efficient at work and to be more vulnerable when cooperating with a lot of different personalities.

Additionally, that gave me the chance to meet new people from different countries and cultures which we shared a lot of wonderful moments together when discussing each other and cooperating each other to execute the activities that were given us. Furthermore, we got the chance to learn and discover more about ourselves. This training course taught me a lot about myself and I definitely recommend to anyone who wishes to participate in an Erasmus+ project that it's worth it and it will give him a lot if valuable lessons and experiences that can make him a better person! Niki

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