MOSCOW City, Culture & Traditions, Vol. II

by Olesya Ilinskaya, Moscow, Russian Federation

EERco Volunteer, MACs AUTUMN Pr., EVS e+ | Alexandreia, GR


Russia is deservedly proud of its theater art. The approach of training actors developed by K.S. Stanislavsky is known everywhere in the world, theatre plays have been always written by the best writers, and hot performances express the tension of the epoch. Russian people have always gone to the theater not so much for the entertainment but for revelation, for the truth.


In Moscow as well as in Saint-Petersburg you will find a lot of art galleries. The most famous are: Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow) , Pushkin Museum (Moscow ) and Hermitage ( Saint-Petersburg). There you may enjoy Sculpture masterpieces, mozaika and paintings.

I will give you a list of 8 the most famous paintings in Russia:

(1) “The Girl with Peaches” (1887) by Valentin Serov

(2) “Portrait of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin” (1827) by Orest Kiprensky

(3) “The Appearance of Christ to the People” (1837 – 1857) by Alexander Ivanov

(4) “The Rooks Have Come Back” (1871) by Aleksey Savrasov

(5) “Black Square” (1915) by Kazimir Malevich

(6) “Morning in a Pine Forest” (1886) by Ivan Shishkin

(7) “Ivan-Tsarevich Riding a Grey Wolf“ (1889) by Viktor Vasnetsov

(8) “The ninth wave“ (1850) by Ivan Aivazovsky

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