Alexandreia City Vol. I

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

by Alina Belyaeva, Kazan, Russian Federation

(EERco Volunteer | MACs AUTUMN 2018, Alexandreia, GR)

In a first view Alexandreia is very calm and small city. Look’s like everybody knows each other very well.

Alexandreia doesn’t have huge buildings, despite of churchs that looks very majestic outside and charming inside.

All the fruits you can find just in the street’s trees: pomegranates, limes, lemons, persimmon and many others delight your eyes. All of this transfigurate the city, make it alive and flowering althought it’s autumn time now.

Also there are big food market here, where you can find everything in fresh and nice condition.

Here you can also find enough occupations for children and adults: English School, Music School, Dance Studio, Yoga Studio, Karate School, Taekwondo Studio.

I can’t keep silent about charming balcons of houses, where you can have a nice conversation with your closest or just seat alone by reading or thinking about life.

And of course, people in Alexandreia which forms the atmosphere and rhythm of life. They are very friendly, hospitable and smile everytime even if it isn’t so easy on the soul.



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