M4Y: an amazing experience from many different sides

M4Y: an amazing experience from many different sides

by Alkis Koutras, Young Participant in the Youth Exchange #MEDIA4YOU (erasmus_, KA105)

The Erasmus+ program that took place in Constanta, a Romanian town by the Black Sea, gave 66 people from 11 different countries the opportunity to communicate with each other.

It has been an amazing experience from many different sides. In less than a week, during of the program was 6 days, we achieved to know better different cultures and to connect with each other. Also it has been a great chance to practice English and improve ourselves into this point. This was happening not only because of the communication between us but also because of the program‘s activities. The project taught us that collaboration and interaction are key factors for a better outcome. People who did not know each other a few days before managed to create things together. And that the most important thing! A unique experience that gave me great life lessons and left me with new friends and wonderful memories!

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