Let’s go fly a kite (Mary Poppins)

Yesterday was a national holiday in Greece, where people of all generations released kites in the wind. On the day of this holiday, you go to the park, to picnic areas, to the beaches, a day off whose focus is to hang out with your family, your friends, eat seafood, salads, play kites.

Elena's family and I were on a hill called "Saeich Su", located above Thessaloniki and one of the many beautiful picnic areas above the city with an enchanting view of the entire city, the sea.

We hung out, Elena's children were more successful than Elena and me with dragons, although we have tried a lot of times that we kite flying, it did not happen, heheh, but I have to justify in my own name and Elena, there was no wind, hehehehe .. We had lunch, took photos, had fun, talked, all in all a beautiful experience. There were a lot of families with children, a group of young people, beautiful.

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