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La Befana coming in the school

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Chiara Matilde Alba Scarfo, EER Volunteer

European Solidarity Corps KAIZEN Youth for Health

On the day for the Christmas party, I brought an important Italian tradition that comes from the epiphany, which is the Epiphany. The witch brings sweets to good children and coal to bad ones, then each child hangs up the stocking hoping that sweets will be brought to him.

In this feast I am ravestated as a witch, with a large stocking I brought many sweets. But first there was a whole dance choreography, which everyone roared around me, then I started giving sweets.

The children had a lot of fun, they learned what the befana is, they liked it when I sang and said things in Italian, I enjoyed it too, I went back to being a little girl like them.

I witnessed their Christmas play, their party, their dances and songs, a very Christmas situation as it once was.

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