International Volunteers' Day - A circle is closing

by Eleni Kavazidou, EERcomt YAC Eco Project Supervisor (ESC11)

New challenges just arrived for EERcomt Board. A volunteer, Emela, a marvellous young woman, a positive thinker with excellent linguistic skills, was going to present herself on Saturday; in 5th of December 2020 Emela was going to present to a wide range of volunteering organizations who she is, what she does and why....

Over 20 associations where going to welcome Emela to the marvelous world of Greek Volunteers! But that was not enough; because it is not the quantity but also the quality and what quality means and how it is set according to the personal needs, expectations and hopes of the volunteer.

Distance learning in the sweet age of YOUTH, the ONE AND ONLY age of a highly evolutional spirit..., where the needs and the instincts are pressing the DEAD-ENDS to open... to reach the unbelievable, the adventurous, the unique, the uncertain ... it is really strange and difficult to accept a life opposite a box or a screen, called "computer; labtop; mobile; smartphone". Emela quits from her effort. She was locked within several digital boxes and machines. Awful feeling in front of the thought that she was loosing the facts, the real thing, the real life.

Thus, instead of hearing Emela and sharing her thoughts about what is volunteerism, we will discuss about what we, as NGOs ought to do, for the best of our favorite people, those who volunteer for sharing their empathy, their love for life, their need to offer to the society selflessly.

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