How does Budapest look like from Nana's point of view?

How can you describe a country in a paragraph? You cannot! You can only give an idea of how it is to be there. Hungary, from the small amount of time I had the chance to spend there, is a country which looks like it is out of a fairytale, it is like jumping into the pages of a story book written about a king of the 17th century. The architecture, the Danube River, the fresh air and the lack of noise travels you in a different era. One of the memories I will cherish is the cruise along the Danube River. It was an hour full of unforgettable images! Furthermore, the presence of green makes it even more striking and unusual. What should be not omitted is the astonishing environment of the Achilles Park at Győr, as well as their faultless service. Last but not least, their public transport and their cuisine are making it even more pleasant and undemanding to live there. Hungary is a country I would unquestionably visit again

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