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¡Hasta pronto Emilio!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Elisabetta Marinoni, EER Volunteer

European Solidarity Corps KAIZEN Youth for Health

On Sunday we celebrate Emilio’s goodbye party with good food and good company in the centre of Thessaloniki. Everybody was there to say goodbye to Emilio who was leaving the same day: Vassanty, Elisabetta, Eleni, Paris, Eleni’s mo

ther and brother and a couple of Eleni’s friends.

We spent a really nice afternoon with a great company. We laughed a lot, but most important we ate with no limits! Despite of the really hot weather we enjoyed a good lunch in a typical Greek tavern with a lot of plates and a lot of desserts at the end. We Will miss Emilio’s solarity and positive vibes, his sociable power, and his smile. It was a really nice path, with difficulties and really great moments, that we Will always remember.

Thank you for helping us the past few months, remember that this is not a goodbye but a “!HASTA PRONTO!”

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