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First week at Thessaloniki

The arrival in the city that will host me for two and a half months has been warm but also rainy. In the first days of work, I was able to get to know the Karatasiou park, where we are planning to carry out various projects with the community, a cultural and sports mapping of the park and the creation of public spaces for coexistence and gathering. I also got to know the special education school, where we are going to work with primary school boys and girls in an project of adapted games and coordinating the graduation festival for those boys and girls who go on to secondary school. Together with Jelena, the other volunteer, we have made a great friendship and we support each other in our respective projects: on Thursday we took a long walk looking for the best places to take photos for a guide that we are making about the hidden treasures of Thessaloniki. I also had time to get to know more the city, make new friends and on Sunday, I went to the beautiful Epanomi beach. It has been a week full of discoveries and new experiences, I just hope that the weather improves so that I can enjoy more of the city and its environment.

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