Exploring the Treasures of KARATASOU Park | ANNUAL EERcomt MEETING

EERcomt invites you to the former KARATASOU camp to discover its hidden treasures in the context of Annual New Year Celebration and inauguration of our new central office [since 2019 we moved, changing location of our central office, from Alexandreia to Thessaloniki].

So what lies behind every discovery that day? Come see & look for it ... Date: Sunday, 09 February 2020 Meeting: Central Entrance, as shown on the map. Meeting Time: 11:00 Actions: Walk to the KARATASOU Camp and treasure hunt (as the map shows), where -with the help of our volunteers- you can easily detect one of our hidden treasures (various gifts from local sponsors).

Entering the camp one gets the map that has one annual calendar on its back, as it appears below: Starting at: 13:00 Closing at: 13:15 Action open to the public. Info: +30 2314 042 342

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