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Eleni Ilkou reveals secrets of the JL project: I learned how effective messages are crafted with a steady and calm tone of voice...!

Updated: Jan 7

Eleni ILkou, Youth Worker from GREECE, Training Course

Erasmus+ KA153 Joyful Leadership Dec 2023

The Joyful Leadership program I attended in Somogyvámos, Hungary was a unique experience that highlighted the importance of leadership in today's working environments. In the small village of Somogyvámos, near the largest ecological village in Europe, the Krishna Valley Eco village, the training was based on the recognised course on Udemy, offering innovative non-formal learning methods. The program covered various aspects of leadership, focusing on the importance of communication and different approaches to leadership.

In the particular seminar have been participating several European young citizens, including Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece and Poland. During applying the multicultural approach of JL project, there have been also included participants from Ukraine, India and Pakistan. The program, which required dedication and active participation, included a variety of activities from morning to night.

From a personal point of view, my participation in the program highlighted my own leadership skills and my way of managing teams of different sizes and conditions. Additionally, this experience revealed the importance of team connectivity and direct communication.

I learned how effective messages are crafted with a steady and calm tone of voice, which gives the team time to understand the message and builds trust. During the training, I had the opportunity to present a part of my research work through a popular science workshop in order to raise awareness about the real problems in multicultural education data. I thank EER for this opportunity, as I discovered new dimensions of leadership and gained valuable skills that I successfully apply in my personal and professional life.

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