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Easter in Greece

It feels that the Easter's holidays have arrived, because the weather has improved a lot, you can feel the atmosphere of the festivities in the streets and especially with the announcement that in the coming weeks, Greece will begin to open bars, restaurants, shops, as well as mobility between cities. We can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's time to start organizing the first trips to discover Greece.

In this week of spring festivities, Jelena and I have been able to enjoy some of the most typical dishes of Greek cuisine such as Fasolada, Fasolakia and Gemista. Eleni's mother cooks amazing and in one of the lunches, she delighted us with all kinds of cheeses from the best places in Greece.

We were also able to delve deeper into the culture and visit some churches where the main rites of this week are performed. I love the fact that Greece, like Spain, is full of traditions, which are lived with the family and on the streets. It has been a great opportunity to discover more about the culture and to share together.

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