Dance & Theater in the Nature (Part I)

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Dance & Theater in the Nature (Part I)

by Christina Sotiriou, Special Scientific and Teaching Staff of Music Education University of Western Attica

"Dance & Theater in the Nature" Project has been held during our stay in Verbania, Piemonte (20-27.07.2019,North Italy). As it concerns the DTN Project, there may have been some flaws but love, sharing ideas, meeting people from six countries, the excellent seminar by Franco Acquaviva, touching nature by dancing and listening to the sounds of it ... .. traveled us! He was a filmmaker with incredible experience with a passion for fine-tuning all the material he met and making the most of it! The result for me, GREAT !! We all lived together for a magical night, when many artists together created with him in a unique way! At the same time, we also met other children from another program in other countries and partnered with them! Unique experiences we will remember forever! In a nutshell I would say: ART, LOVE, YOUTH, TRAVEL, NATURE, EXPERIENCE, LIGHT !!!!

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