Befana in municipality toghether with association "We Speack for Autism"

Updated: Feb 16

Chiara Matilde Alba Scarfo, EER Volunteer

European Solidarity Corps KAIZEN Youth for Health

I also brought the tradition of the Epiphany for the town hall party together with the association "We Speack for Autism". I also made them do what hof suitable for children, with dances and sweet addictions.

The town hall was very happy to see an important Italian tradition in Greece, especially that we help promote Greece in a more European context.

Equally the leaders of the association were very happy, they enjoyed the dance choreography, they learned a new thing, they would like to come to Italy for the epiphany to eat lots of sweets.

The association is very happy that we help them tanitssimo, and bring them too in a bigger field to make them grow and help as many kids as possible.

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