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Be able to discern what is better for you and be grateful

Choosing something or somebody among a vast list of options is closely related to consciousness. It is in fact an internal process that involves several aspects of the human person: emotion and intellect to know and understand and the will to assess and decide.

Discernment is the process that allows a person to understand what is right or wrong in a particular situation, beyond emotions and momentary and subjective impressions. This is carried out by all of us also in our daily life for different situations: the simplest ones and the difficult as well. Discernment is the result of a mix of emotions and intellectual approach and for that reason it takes time and concentration.

Be aware of what is around you and understand what is better for you is the maximum expression of your critical sense and your self-knowledge. Finally, it is important to be grateful, happy, and satisfied with what we chose, even if later on it turns out to be a mistake because it always constitutes a way of learning.

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