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ASB: great team independently of our special beliefs, cultures, language-barriers or political view

Updated: Jan 17

Vassilis Makavos, young participant from GREECE in a Youth Mobility Project

Erasmus+ KA152 Push Up Sports & Arts Balkan

During this summer I had the great opportunity to participate in an Erasmus+ KA152 youth mobility project. I was really very happy to be there...

The topic concerned the unification of Balkan countries by focusing on the Artistic and Sport identification per nation.

Together with my group, except of the workshop standards, we additionally had a mission of a high significance: to introduce to all of our Balkan friends our Greek neighborhood, our special eating habits and ways of entertaining ourselves.

We were honored to be introduced to the culture and tradition of our Balkan neighbors and similarly, to better analyze our Greek culture; interestingly, everybody seemed to give the best of themselves for working as a group, independently of our special beliefs, cultures, language-differences or political views, all together for a common purpose, united.

We have found much more commons than differences between us. We were willing to cooperate for discovering new things, new ways of thinking, a new manner of approaching life. That was the greatest thing I suppose that is noteworthy to remember, within this companionship...

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