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My name is Jelena Todic. I was born in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, March 11, 1994. I'm a graphic design. I grew up in a community that didn't have a single national identity, but is a mix of different nationalitys from the area of the former Yugoslavia. My mother was born in Dubrovnik, and father in Banja Luka. Mother's mother is from Slovenia and her mother's father is from Montenegro. My father's mother is from the Banja Luka area, and my father's father is from the south of Serbia, but the root of my last name are from Montenegro. My mother and my mother live in Montenegro, so I spend a year in elementary and high school there, and I even live with them for one year before I started elementary school. Therefore, apart from Bosnia and Herzegovina, I consider As my home a Country. But what I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I took me a montemonte, because I prefer their mentality, the south, the warm weather, the smell of the seal, the food.

From an early age, I started sports and art. I trained tennis for 12 years , alongside valleyball, hip hop, break dance, Latino dance, athletics. Side from my love of sports, I've always love art. After elementary school, I enrolled in high school as a medical professional, at that time I was dedicated to plaz tennis and wanted to enroll in the Academy of Tennis in California, but my parents didn't agree, and that's when I stopped doing professional tennis. After high school, I wanted to roll in medicine, but I didn't make it. Foča is a small town about an hour from Sarajevo (capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina). After two months of training in Foci, I transferred to Banja Luka, and continued to the team. During my cases, I trained and attended a paining school. After three years of university, I republished my year because my mother got sick and did so after. Then I went to Podgorica, Montenegro, and I live down there for two years with me going back to Banja Luka and taking class for college. The desire for further dental work after his mother's death is going. And i'm going to stop doing it and you're going to do something else. I know I was going to wrote something about art, fashion. Graphic design was the right and only options for me because it allows me to travel and work from anywhere, which is the most important thing for me. I'm a person who likes to travel and that's all that make me life. And so here I am in my second year of graphic design and completely in art. And I can say I've never been happy.

A little bit to wrote about hobbies and things I like to do. The first is travel, and it's an active journey, I like to exploit. Travel is my life's mission if I can express it that way, it make me just happy and there are no words to fear it, it's a mix of all the emotions that give life to me. My hobbies are reading, I love Russian writers, I'm reading from Tolstoy right now: War and Peace. I like to learn about history, about politics, about fashion, about art from different perceptions. Every day I walk, I love the walk. I broke up with a tennis like an old kisser because it's painful that I didn't at the last try to do it professionally elsewhere and don't have the support of my parents. I love botany, the goal of life, to travel the whole world is to have a house on some island with an olive grove and produce olive oil. Speaking of goal to tell you about this, I love boats, bailboots, so I'm in a plan to buy a bailboat and travel that way. Diving, ah that diving, I'm crazy, and love meeting the series world, may be it has to do with the horocope, heheh, because I'm in the sign of Fish. As far as college continues my carey, I want to finish college and enroll in a master's year in Berlin, Rome or Milan, because there are the best colleges for my branch. I'd like to have my own company to design magazines like Vogue or Cosmopolitan. I'm in love with fashion, and I want to be a part of that world through my job as a graphic designer.

As for volunteering, I started last summer. The first project I participated in was an "Eco walk" organised by the NGO CEREBRA. The project was implemented in the Banja Luka and area of neighbouring towns: Laktasi, Prnjavor, Krupa na Vrbes, etc. The plan was that during a few hours of nature walk, i.e. Parks collect trash. I was very, In the eleventh month of last year, one of the members of the organization group shared a link to sign up for the ESC project. I went on a link and when I saw it was Greece, I checked in immediately. Except I want to acquire certain skills, I have to be honest first why I signed up because it's Greece, and I'm in love with it, in its culture, history, gastronomy. And so here I am in Greece on a three-month project, I'm enjoying it, and I'm writing this article and I don't believe I came here and it all happened so fast, I'm overhappy. I'm currently working on ideas for a project I want to realise at Karatasou Park. I hope I make it.

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