A Trip to Meteora: Diana's experiences

A Trip to Meteora

Diana García Sáez, EER Volunteer

European Solidarity Corps KAIZEN Youth for Health

One day in Meteora. Since I arrived in Thessaloniki I have been told how beautiful Meteora is and that I couldn't leave without visiting it. I really wanted to go, so 2 friends from Spain have come to visit me and it has been the perfect excuse to get to know Meteora. It has been an express trip since we have gone and returned the same day from Thessaloniki, but it has been worth it. We left early in the morning since it is several hours, when we arrived, it was lunchtime, we ate typical Greek food in a tavern and then we drove up the slopes. The views were more and more beautiful as we confirmed we were advancing. In every corner we wanted to stop to take pictures. Finally, we entered the Kalambaka Monastery, we loved it. We stayed until the sunset, since it was a sunny day and it was beautiful. The ride was long as we were tired but it was a day to remember. Of course, I would repeat again!

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