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5th Interview of Rethinking Youth (EYW) - Personal development

We have reached the final stretch of the European Youth Week. I believe that the experience has been enriching in many ways; the debates have allowed the participants and interviewers to reflect, as well as all the people who have been able to read the interviews. Youth has the power to change the world with their thinking… and this week, we have shown it.

The last interview of the week has been made to Kyriaki Nikolopoulou, a young Greek from Thessaloniki, Greece. She is 22 years old, studies business administration and considers herself as a very proactive, responsible and strong person. She has had the opportunity to do an Erasmus experience in Finland and has travelled to various places in Europe. Today we will talk with Kyriaki about personal growth and development, something that many times we do not reflect or put aside in our day to day, full of tasks and work. We both agree that reflecting on what makes us and does not make us grow is very important to move forward in life.

1. What have been your big objectives, goals or dreams in your life?

My main goal in life is to be free and have dignity. As a woman with enough working experience regarding my age, I feel like I can achieve my goals by building my own company.

Also, I would like to do something that will have an impact and will change things in some way. While we are young I believe that the motivation must be how to ameliorate the world and then, the money.

2. Do you think is easy as a young person in our world, to reach this objectives?

The economic or social situation in many countries, also in Greece, is difficult for everyone, also of course, for young people, but I think that nothing can stop someone who has faith, strong believes and goals for the future.

3. What do you think is more important to grow as a person, to feel good to achieve your dreams?

I believe that the insight personal work that we must do with ourselves is very important… as young people, we have to understand that the life is hard, that sometimes it’s necessary to work for hours and years… but the attitude is the most important and we have to try to be always positive and not to lose faith. Also, to lead in this competitive world, we must not forget that always there is someone who is better than us (that helps to be more humble).

4. Some reflection about the youth and the empowerment? Do you think the youth in Europe is committed with the actual panorama and the future?

I think that the empowerment must come from your near social circle, yourself or your family. The most important people in your life, are the ones who are really going to support you, understand you and make you grow and empower you.

The only thing that the countries or even Europe have to do is not to stop young entrepreneurs by setting laws and rules that destroys their goals such as high taxes and red tape.

5. What are the main thing that you put more value in your social life? Family, friends, colleges...

I try to value, enjoy and appreciate my family, my friends, my school and my jobs alike, because since my perspective, this is correct. Unfortunately, I have to work many hours, both in the winter and the summer… that's why normally I don't have enough time for my family and friends.

They are very important for me because they are who love me, respect and understand my choices. We continue to be in contact as possible, so they just talk with me online or in the telephone most of the times. When I have free time I prefer for sure meeting them (family and friends) than staying at home.

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