Opportunities Abroad Vol. II

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

by Alina Belyaeva, Kazan, Russian Federation

EERco Volunteer, MACs AUTUMN Pr. | Alexandreia, GR

If you are thinking about EVS project the most effective way is to find the site https://europa.eu/. And then you have to choose:

1. Country where do you want to go.

2. Organisation topic.

3. EVS accreditation type.

After you are finding lot’s of project with the contacts. You should send your Curriculum vitae and motivation letter by email for projects that you choose. And then wait, wait and be patient. Better to start this process before 6 months of project starting date.

I had different opportunities of countries to go. Each 25 your letter makes one response as usual. So, finally organisations from France, Italy, Portugal and Greece wanted to see me as a volunteer.

It was my first long-term volunteer experience, so I wanted to start from two months and found very interesting project in Greece from EERco company.

There are different choices of topics that you can find on the site: so I choosed Culture and art sphere.

After positive feedback you should find an a sending company. You can find them on EVS accreditation type form and write a letter that you were choosed in the project.

And after magic things is starting...


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