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Katerina speaks out:a TC inspired me for my upcoming professional steps; a TC for recentering myself

Katerina Kotridou, EER Youth Worker from GREECE, Training Course

Erasmus+ KA151 Social Community Theater

The landscape of Rabka Zdroj was incredible. Much of green, the castle and the churches, old and new, worth to visit. The hostel that we have stayed was the most appropriate for its purpose. As we learnt, it was a hotel, probably a luxurius one, with very refined environment within the building. It was like leaving in an expensive hotel. This place now belongs to the public sector and is used for mobilities as the current.

The whole experience inspired me for my upcoming professional steps. It was a relaxful, joyful training course, helping me to recenter myself. I was very satisfied with the trainer. The content of the training course was very familiar to me; the new elements mainly concerned the contextual basis of refining, adjusting and reorganizing my current knowledge, as to be applied within the Social Community Theater approach of youth workers' activities.

In general, I am already thinking, what will be my next challenge abroad....

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