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Handiedance activity in Kavala school

I went to the school of Kavala and I animated a Handiedance activity with 3 groups of 4 disabled young people. There were also 2 teachers who were there to help me.

The first step of the activity for the children was to draw their hand on a paper and write their feeling about the activity. Then, they decorated a glove as they wished with paint, shiny paper ... and they started to move their hands with music in order to make a little choreography. I also taught them a little phrase in sign language, which they then repeated with their pretty gloves.

The kids were very open to participate, and they really enjoyed it! The result was super with all the gloves and papers together on one sheet. It was really great, I had a great time, and maybe I will go back another time to do this kind of activity in a bigger way for 2 days!

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