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Belma Nahic, EER Volunteer

European Solidarity Corps Young Active Citizens support Ecological Actions

“Athens, the eye of Greece, mother of arts and eloquence!” John Milton

I’ve decided to visit Athens as the last trip in Greece during YACeco project and to cross it from my bucket travel list. It was everything and more than I imagined.

After a 5 hours long bus adventure and my hotel check-in, I couldn’t wait to roam the city. Obviously my first intention was to visit Acropolis. Getting there was easy if you use google maps. For me it was a half hour walk to the main attractions but if you prefer quicker ways to get to them there is a strong and developed public transportation that is available in Athens (buses, metro, trams, etc.) but still expect to walk a little bit to the Acropolis. Firstly, I visited Hadrian’s library. The significance of this place and it’s resilience to the time is amazing. After that I went to the Roman agora. All these places are on a path to the Acropolis so you cannot miss it!

After 2 hours of visiting all the other places I finally find myself at the foot of the Acropolis hill.

It was honestly a dream come for me. I cannot even begin to explain the beauty of this place.

Because it was November it wasn’t too crowded and tickets were half of its summer prices.

And the weather was perfect for visiting because it wasn’t too hot like during summer months. My favorite part of Acropolis was the “Old temple” of Athena.

But my favourite memory from Athens will definitely be sitting on the MS Garden roof at night where I could see Parthenon and the main square of Athens.

Also, my advice is to visit the National Archeological Museum. This place has the most amazing artefact collection that you can see in Greece from all different periods of Greece history.

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