Invitation for Cooperation / Networking with EU Associations

December 30, 2020

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EVS volunteers

April 14, 2018

EERo calls Youth from Europe to express interest in '


-being hosted by EErco and participating to our Volunteering Activities

-being coordinated by EERco for partipating to GR Volunteering Activities

-GR YOUTH to be sent abroad for participating in EVS projects by our supervision

If you would like to express your interest don't hesitate to contact us and express your interest by filling your e-data to our e-form

Volunteering in Terpsichore & Melthaleia Awards NOMINATION

May 13, 2018

The volunteers will receive a diploma of participation with a reference to the specialized services (administrative, secretarial, artistic, technical support, public relations support or the like) and are given various memorabilia from our events.

Participation of YOUTH related to/ experimented with Performing Arts

May 13, 2018

Educational Cultural Actions to inform the school, educational and contemporary arts community about dance history in northern Greece and more (TERPSihori Award, Melbourne Award) Youth Counseling Activities in Dance and Theater (Muses Innovation) Possibilities for showing special slopes (New Artist Nights)

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EERco is activated in the field of performing and conjectural arts through activism and volunteering in behalf of enhancing artistic activities, cultural heritage importance and aesthetics in the frames of  life long learning.

Moreover, EERcomt promotes sport & physical activities as a median to support sustainable environment actions and promotes the idea of BEACTIVE for HEALTH".

Since 2019 EERcomt develops plans and projects adapted to the needs KARATASOU park, 50m away from our central office; artistic and sport activities and events of added social value are organized.


Μ: +30 6906 98 22 44

Τ/F: +30 2314 042 342


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